Stellated Polygon

Creates a parameterized star shaped (stellated) polygon.

To create a Stellated Polygon:

  1. Specify the number of teeth
  2. Specify the Internal and External radii
  3. If to wish the polygon to be rounded specify the Radius Fillets. (Skip this if you want to set the polygon as a wave)
  4. If you want there to be a hole in the polygon specify the Hole Diameter.
  5. Click to place the center point for the polygon.
  6. Move the cursor and click to specify the rotation Angle for the polygon
  7. Specify the angle value in the Angle field and click the Enter key.

 Options: Stellated as Wave – this option sets an automatic wave curvature for the polygon. When this option is on the Fillet values are ignored.


Note: You cannot extrude, revolve, loft or perform similar 3D operations on Stellated polygons. You must explode them first.