Copying Objects

The Copy Entities tools enable you to make single or multiple copies of selected objects, while precisely controlling the placement of the copies.

You can display the Copy toolbar by right-clicking in any toolbar area and selecting Copy.

Note: You can also make simple copies of objects in Select Edit (see Copying Objects in Select Edit). For other tools you can use to copy objects relative to specific points, see Transforming.

The Copy Entities tools can be used on 2D and 3D objects. For the objects you want to use, be sure the Selector is set correctly (2D, 3D, or both). See 2D - 3D Selector.

These tools are typically invoked when objects are already selected. You can also invoke them even if no objects are currently selected, as long as the Select tool is active. In this case, the local menu option Select can be used to select objects to copy. Close the Select option when all objects are selected.

Local menu options:

For all of the Copy tools (except Copy in Place), the following local menu options are available:

Select: Enables you to add or remove objects from the selection set. Once the objects have been selected, deactivate this object to continue with the operation.
Repeat: Enables you to copy the selected objects again. Otherwise, the operation ends once the first operation is complete.

Make Pattern Object as Result: Creates a Pattern object as a result of using the Copy tool.
In TurboCAD you can use Auto Constraints and to control the spacing of pattern-copied objects. See Constraining Pattern - Copied Objects.

Tip: When using the Copy Entities tools, you will probably need to switch often between the Inspector Bar and the drawing area. You can press Tab to enter the Inspector Bar, and click once in the drawing or press Esc to return to the drawing.