Chamfer Edges

Available in TurboCAD Pro and Platinum only

Chamfers (bevels) edges of solid 3D objects.

Only solid objects (not surfaces) can be selected for chamfering. Chamfering can either add or remove material; material is added to a concave edge, and it is removed from a convex edge. You can choose whether to create rounded or mitered vertices.

Note: You can edit a Chamfer Edges operation in the Selection Info palette. See Editing 3D Objects using Selection Info.

The chamfer size is set by the Offset and Chamfer Angle values. Offsets are the distances from the edge. If the Offset values are equal, the Chamfer Angle is 45 degrees.

If you change one Offset value, the Chamfer Angle updates accordingly.

Similarly, if you change the Chamfer Angle, the Offset 2 value will update accordingly.