Summary Info

Records general information to be saved with the drawing.

If Prompt for Summary Info is checked in the General page of the Program Setup, the Summary Info window will appear when you save the drawing.
File Name and Directory: Information for files that have already been saved.
Keyw ords: Text used when searching for this file.
Subject: Descriptive text that appears in the Open and Save windows. This text can also potentially be used by Windows file search utilities.

Tip: If a drawing is being saved as a symbol, the Title should be a short description of the symbol, and Subject contain a more detailed description. See Loading an Individual Symbol into the Library.

Save Preview Graphics with Drawing: Sets the type of graphic image that will be stored with the drawing, so that it can be previewed in TurboCAD and in other Windows programs.
None: No preview graphics will be saved.
Bit map: Suitable for large files because the bitmap will use the same amount of space no matter how complex the drawing is.
Me tafile: Suitable for small files because it displays more detail. Symbol previews are generally stored using this option.
Create Preview by: Saves the preview as the plan view or by the current view and render mode.

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