TurboViewer and Pro Frequently Answered Questions:

Question:  I can no longer open my drawing files from email attachment, dropbox, or other methods that allow "Open In TurboReview, TurboSite, TurboViewer, (TurboApps)"

Answer:  We have found that SkyDrive removes file association for some file types including CAD DWG and other drawing file formats.  Uninstall SkyDrive, test drawing associativity in your TurboApps by opening "In TurboApps", if that works, reinstall SkyDrive

Question:  For TurboViewer Pro, do I have to cloud convert my non-native drawing files (STP, 3DS, SKP, IGES, etc.) each time I want to open it?

Answer:  No,  TurboViewer Pro supports DWG, DWF, DXF, and PDF natively.  The other 20+ CAD formats such as DGN,SKP, 3DS, STEP, IGES, require a 'One-Time' convert process on our cloud convert servers and then downloads it back to your device.  Once a non-native CAD file is converted, it will be copied to your TurboViewer Pro Inbox folder and can be opened  without converting again.  This works great when you no longer have a internet connection since the file can be loaded locally from your Inbox.

Question:  How do I copy multiple drawings to TurboViewer/Pro?

Answer:  You can copy multiple drawing files at one time for iOS using the iTunes Sync method.  For Android, use a File Manager app and copy/paste your drawings to the TurboViewer folder.

Question:  Can I load more than one drawing at once?

Answer:  iOS and Android limitations do not allow opening more than one drawing at a time.

Question:  When I load my drawing,  all my fonts are displayed as "???????"

Answer:  In order to view localized international and custom SHX fonts in your drawing, please add the SHX files to your Documents folder using the iTunes Sync method.

Question:  I keep getting out of memory errors or TurboViewer/Pro closes

Answer:  The amount of available hardware memory or file size can limit the ability to open a large file.  To flush and optimize memory on your iOS device, please perform the following:

1.  Press and hold the top power button on your iOS device for 4-5 seconds

2.  Swipe the "Slide to power off" as displayed

3.  Power on by pressing and holding the top power button again for 4-5 seconds,  the Apple icon should appear as your device loads.

Open TurboViewer/Pro and load your file again.

Question:  How large a file can I open in TurboViewer and Pro?

Answer:  The size of drawing file that can be opened depends on the hardware devices available system RAM.  This amount of System RAM should not be confused with the amount of storage space on the device.  The iPad 1 and iPhone 4 for example have 256mb of system RAM and the iPad 2 has twice the memory at 512mb.  So in general the iPad 2 can open files in the 10-15mb range and the iPad 2 around 5-8mb.

Question:  I can not view my drawings from my AutoCAD based vertical application such as AEC, ACA, MEP, Civil 3D, etc.

Answer:  Setting PROXYGRAPHICS = 1 in your drawing file  from your vertical application should allow it to be viewed in TurboViewer and TurboViewer Pro.  Other workarounds would be saving a copy and flattening your custom objects by using the "aectoacad or -exporttoautocad" command in your vertical application then re-send it to TurboViewer/Pro.

Question:  Does TurboViewer and Pro support Xrefs?
Answer:  Yes, to view xrefs, send/email your xref drawings and open the parent drawing file.  TurboViewer will look in the same folder as the parent drawing for xrefs and load them as well.

Question:  I have a problem opening a DWG file from the TurboViewer Inbox, transferred ok from mail program. But when touched to open from Inbox of TurboViewer, program closed.

Answer:  DWG files should open fine from the Inbox.  It is possible that the particular drawing file is corrupt or has problems.  As a test, please try opening another drawing file from the Inbox to see if is opens properly.  Run an Audit on the problem DWG file.  If the problem still persists, please send DWG file attachment via email to customersupport@imsidesign.com to promptly troubleshoot the problem.

Question:  TurboViewer only loaded some of the 3d model elements from mail attachment & Dropbox. 

Answer:  TurboViewer should load your entire 3D model.  It may be possible that the 3D DWG contains proxy objects from a vertical application such as AutoCAD Architecture, in which case it is not supported for mobile applications.  Please send DWG file attachment via email to customersupport@imsidesign.com to determine the problem.

Question:  When I try to navigate/pan around my 2D drawing, TurboViewer 3D rotates around my 2D drawing instead of Pan.

Answer:  The 2D Drawing probably has some erroneous objects in 3D space.  TurboViewer autosenses if the drawing has 2D objects only or objects on the positive or negative Z plane and sets the appropriate one finger navigation mode which is 2D Pan for 2D and 3D orbit for 3D.  If an object is unintentionally set on the Z plane, view a front view of the drawing in your CAD Editor and remove objects not on the zero (0) plane.  In TurboViewer, a two finger swipe will also perform a 2D pan regardless of if it is in a 2D or 3D mode.

Question:  TurboViewer Pro: When I load my drawing file, I can hardly see the drawing because it looks dim.

Answer:  This could be due to the Grayscale setting is turned ON under Visual Styles.  Set Grayscale settings to OFF.